We work closely with senior management, inside lawyers, business development teams and other professionals on transactions where we believe we can add significant value, including:

  • Corporate partnering, in-licensing and collaboration agreements
  • Co-development, co-marketing and co-promotion agreements
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Joint Ventures
  • Out-licensing transactions
  • Product line and other divestitures
  • Complex supply and out-sourcing agreements
  • Non-profit M&A transactions

We believe it is important for us to invest our time, at our expense, in understanding our clients’ longer term goals and objectives, because the advice we give in regard to any particular deal is only as good as our understanding of how that specific transaction advances our client’s overall strategy.

Both over time and in regard to any specific situation, we view ourselves as part of our client’s strategic transaction team and welcome opportunities to structure our compensation so that is directly tied to our client’s success.